12 February 2006

majority of impunity

only during the better portion of a good mans life, does a man have enough to feel the justice of the penalty, and be punished; the rest are only and mostly hurt.

--a concoction of wordsworth and william hocking.

The cartoon fiasco and me

i had been opinionating my mind about the radicals opposing the cartoons in denmark,
cajoling myself to hold an opinion, until i read this..

i belong to the fraternity of liberal atheists. we believe in liberty equality and fraternity. we respect all religions and most liberal people, many among whom share our values being oblivious of it. we don’t believe in god but have strong beliefs and values , no less than formal religions. we claim that liberal atheism is a religion no less than others and worthy of respect.
this has a direct bearing on violent demonstrations by islamic fundamentalists against publication of danish cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed with a bomb shaped turban. danish diplomatic houses around the world have been attacked.
i however congratulate the danish government for standing firm, insisting that its media have freedom, and refusing to apologise. somebody has to stand up for basic freedom.
the protestors reject the sanctity of free speech. amazingly, traditional guardians of civil liberties have remained muted or silent, they seem to think that a hardline will spark more violence. this is not just spineless, it is an insult to my religion of liberal atheism.
the demonstrators have offred several reasons for their actions-
1) freedom of expression is not a license to insult other religions.
2) such cartoons demonise islam.
3) christians can make fun of their religion but not islam.
4) this is part of a western campaign portraying muslims as terrorists.

lets look at them one by one
liberal atheists like me hold the freedom of expression to be sacred, and tolerance of opposing views to be a fundamental duty. our religion says that we can and do insult others all the time and in various ways. you can and should object when insulted, i certainly do so. but the duty of tolerance means you cannot use violence or revenge as a means of protests, you must find other ways.
thus when islamic radicals seek to curtail my freedom of expression they are insulting my religion.if they sneer dismissively at liberal atheism, with what face can they object others sneering at them?

if islamic radicals do not want to use cartoons of religious figures, they are entitled to their view. but they cannot impose their views on a non believer. by doing so they are demonishing us.

point three i feel is not even worthy of discussion, its a snobbish kids comment.

i reject the division of the world into east and west quarters, into pro and anti islam blocks, as the fundamentalists are portraying. we the liberal atheists oppose the attempt of islamic fundamentalists to hijack freedom of speech and convert it into a political issue between muslims and the west.

the above also has excerpts from an article by SSA Aiyar, TOI, 12th Feb.

however restraint could be shown on the part of journos writing on islam, only as coutesy to beliefs, that a journalist decide otherwise is his wish, and he must be free to do so. the fundamentalists are doing no good to the aspect of courtesy by demonstrating their anger in such a manner, how can force ....has it ever....

11 February 2006

fashion to follow

Its easy to say that, ‘take it as it comes’ and ‘do things as they fall on you’, ‘live in the moment’ and all that latest psychadelia, do’ in the roun’s.
Add to that, the alternative spirituality, becomin very popular.

Does it make sense; it does actually because it is do’ in the roun’s.
Is this the best fitting curve in the times going by or is it the fancy of a lucrative head, thinking and cajoling the moods in a position where he can make the changes or influence them?
The point is, all that jazz and all those ‘in things’, are they catching the mood or creating them?

The bell bottoms or the long collars to the hipsters were the idea that fell upon at a unique time on a unique soul to define things for the moment, furthered by the marketing to create the market associated with it, which did the trick.
Actions and even thoughts are the outcome of politics, literati or some private enterprise.
It can’t be beyond it!, because that is all that we have been ever exposed to.

Those hippy ideals of “finding Ur own truth”,
They’re again impressing people. Whom am I talking about all this time……………. myself I guess?
As is obvious, fashion and spirituality are analogies to pep it all up, the only two facets that persist are either it all happens for our own good or someone else’s.

Perhaps the point all along is,
there is no point.

All the philosophy that I lend my gazes to, or the strange stares that actually offend people, and I assure myself that this is all in the name of self realization and call ‘em ‘my stares into the oblivion’,
give me that high, elevate me.

The point is so taboo- is it all actually for my good?,
for it questions the method and systems.

It feels like alone, during this high; because everyone else seems so convinced, sometimes in this loneliness I lose the rationality of the dialogue,
I even forget if I am lookin at the swirl of the fashionista’s hip or realizing the metamorphosis the stitching on her denim has undergone.

If I catch myself thinking over the hip, or the cycles of fashion; either way ill draw a conclusion to pump my intellect.
This is not insomnia; this is not the beginning of schizophrenia, I’m not doped either.
It’s a disease that is doing the rounds in the times going by.

Else, how could we accept this manipulation, because, in spite of the obviousness of it; we pretend to be forgetful with credible genuinity.

10 February 2006


Strange these rulers,
Judge by their own perceptions,
Look at only what they can see,
Blocked heads having their sway,
With complete loss of genuinity,
Such charm to cover their wrath
“Some things”, they say “for which there is no path”.

Help though comes in
an unlikely fashion.
That, which had only been felt,
Would suffice, with such promise and compassion.

Is it the man?
Or is it his will?
Of the same entity
But separate still.

Such deep contrast, in such limited space,
It’s a never ending emotional race.

Emotions within the bounded void
search for a cause,
through any of the senses,
to show their scars.

The effect is subtle, ever unnoticeable,
Slaves becoming of the mind unstable.

Never so easily the scent was lost,
Emperor commanding at every figments cost.
Ever so schismic the aspects of life,
One felt, One analyzed,
Other reflected in tranquility sublime,
Perhaps realized.

09 February 2006

"never give toyguns to orphans in a disputed land", imagination is the fuel for all activities, naive or extraordinair'e.